Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

At DigitalAuthority, we offer an ROI-focused content marketing service. Everything we do for our clients is targeted towards just one thing – generate targeted leads for your business.

So how do we do this? Read on.

Content Marketing Is Not Just Writing Blogs

Most marketers make the mistake of assuming that content marketing is simply publishing blog posts on your website (or guest posts on other websites). That is just blogging – not content marketing.

Content Marketing = Content + Marketing

The sole aim of any marketing campaign is to generate leads and bring customers to your business. Content marketing is no different. It is the use of content (could be anything from text, video, photos or even audio) to get targeted prospects come to your business.

How Do We Do It

Each of our content marketing campaign is focused on achieving one of these three things

  • Improve SEO
  • Increase social media visibility
  • Generate targeted leads

We call it the “Trifecta of content marketing”

Our content marketing campaign goes through the following steps.

STEP 1 : Identify the customer

What kind of articles do the decision maker read before making a purchase? What kind of content influences a prospect’s buying decision? Neither of these questions can be answered without identifying the exact demographic profile of your buyer.

STEP 2 : Find content that they are desperate for

What does a marketing manager at a real estate company want? They would perhaps want to know how much money other real estate developers are spending on Adwords. They would want to keep track of all the upcoming property trade shows in their region. Or they may be curious to know how Facebook’s Lead Ads could be used to generate real estate leads. We identify and build a list of potential content ideas that your target audience is desperately looking for.

STEP 3 : Find the right content strategy

Not all content has to be text, video or image based. Also, not everything needs to go on your blog. Your content strategy should also include the delivery mechanism – is it through a comprehensive blog post? Should you be creating a microsite that will serve as an information portal for your audience? Or, do you create a ‘how to’ video that can be promoted through YouTube?

STEP 4 : Build content

Who you hire for your designing content can make or break your content marketing campaign. At DigitalAuthority, we work with some of the worlds’ best content creators – these are professionals who have been published on media outlets such as Entrepreneur, CIO, BusinessInsider and AdWeek. If you are looking at designing a microsite, we have you covered here too. Our firm has tie-ups with product managers and developers who have built products for some of the biggest businesses in the world.

STEP 5 : Marketing your content

Building it alone does not guarantee that they will come. Any content that you publish needs to be marketed in order to bring a steady stream of visitors. We take care of all the end-to-end processes required to make your content marketing campaign a success. This includes SEO to make sure that your content ranks on top of Google for the relevant search terms, social media marketing to help your business reach the maximum number of targeted prospects, and also other forms of marketing like PR, email marketing and so on. We don’t stop till you start getting highly valuable leads for your business from our content marketing campaign.

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